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MOE – The Kimono Mom

Today’s guest is Moe, the Kimono Mom. She is a former Geisha who is now a YouTube content creator who gained 1.2 million followers in 2 year. At 16 years old she left high school to become a geisha after interviewing craftsmen in Kyoto for her summer holiday homework. She became inspired by the maikos and geikos, who showed independence and a strong passion for Japanese traditions. Eventually, Moe decided to marry and become a mother which meant she had to leave the geisha life behind. These days, while juggling her duties as a mother and a wife, she regularly creates videos about how to cook home-cooked Japanese food while donning beautiful kimonos. Her recipes are tailored for people living abroad where some Japanese ingredients are inaccessible. 

In this episode we talk about her life as a geisha, how she juggles her family and YouTube as well as the possibility of creating a Netflix series. She also touches on the reason for her passion behind her YouTube channel and how geishas are portrayed in Western media.

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