Dewi Sukarno presenting donations to ARK and EVA

22nd Christmas Charity Party for Eva & Ark

Despite pandemic hurdles, Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) and Eva have successfully celebrated their 22nd Christmas Party last December 6, 2020 at Cerulean Tower Hotel under the patronage of Lady Sukarno.

Dewi Sukarno
Dewi Sukarno as special patron for EVA & ARK

The dress code for the evening was, as you might expect from a Christmas event, green or red. The venue was also filled with Christmas decorations and gorgeous flowers. Everyone was definitely in full-on Christmas mode. Hosted by MC Hayato Tani, the event was attended by several V.I.P guests including, socialite Uno Kanda, fashion designer Don Konishi and many more. Also present, foster parents, volunteers, supporters and the markable people behind the ARK organizations. Some of the notable guests were Aya Sugimoto, Chairman of Animal Environment and Welfare Association Eva and Mary Corbett, Acting Chairman of ARK.

Uno Kanda with designer Don Konishi and Lady Sukarno
Uno Kanda, designer Don Konishi, lady Sukarno

Due to the risk of COVID-19, Elizabeth Oliver, Chairman and Founder of ARK couldn’t come to the venue. Instead, she sent a video letter to deliver her holiday greetings and to congratulate everyone for remaining steadfast in the commitment to support and rescue animals. Despite not being physically present, Oliver’s dedication for animal welfare can be felt across the venue.

Aya Sugimoto giving an emotional speech
Aya Sugimoto giving an emotional speech

Acting ARK Chairman, Mary Corbett and Chairman of Animal Environment and Welfare Association Eva, Aya Sugimoto also expressed their greetings and best wishes for the organization ending it with a toast on stage.

ARK and Eva are both non-profit, non-governmental private organizations with the aim of forming a network of people who love animals; believe in sharing their lives with them, and who work actively to rescue them from suffering. Both organizations envision a nation where people and animals can live happily together.

Group of people singing together classic Christmas carols
Together, singing classic christmas carols

It was an evening with a festive mood, with good food and great evening entertainment which ended with a highly anticipated Christmas charity ruffle with plenty of donated goods ranging from beauty lotions to rare and expensive hand-crafted jewelry – all for a good cause of course.

Strict safe distancing measures were imposed during the event. Guests wore masks, seats were spaced apart in the dining areas and an acrylic board was also provided as a partition on each table.

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