Billie Eilish on Tour In Japan (2020)

The news is out, and Japanese fans can hardly wait to meet and greet their new idol – Billie Eilish Tour In Japan.

Recently it was announced Billie would have her next World Tour (2020) beginning September 2020. Like her tours before, she will be visiting multiple countries. But this time, for the first time, she will be visiting Asia, including Japan. But who is Billie Eilish? Who is the  18-year-old girl about to conquer the hearts of her many fans in Japan?

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She is the recent five-time Grammy Award-winner who snagged Song of the Year for her hit single, “Bad Guy.” And, of course, for music insiders and a particular generation that is far beyond my understanding, Eilish has been a music giant for some time. But for me, she came literally out of nowhere.

I heard her name being mentioned only last year at my favorite club in Tokyo – the LEX.Billie Eilish Bad Guy” was playing and one of the VIP guests talked to me in a loud booming voice, trying to get some words across in a loud club environment: “Wow, that’s Billie Eilish, I love that song!”– pointing his arm and fingers towards the TV screen that was playing the music video and performing what appeared to be Billie’s dance moves more or less – you know Billie in her yellow hoody – tearing down a yellow wall of paper and moving her hands up and down.

I replied perplexed, and asked, “Who?” with a grimace to underline my ignorance.

Sure, I knew this song for some time, but that night in the club I was able to connect the song with the artist’s name and, finally, with the person.

That night must have made an impression on me because I researched Eilish the following day. I spent hours watching YouTube videos, listening to interviews, and reading the latest news about her. (I recommend watching  Eilish on Carpool Karaoke).

At first glance, she looks like a normal teenager that grew up middle-class, attended high school and probably rode her skateboard to school.

Watching a couple of YouTube videos, you can still experience her authentic way of life as a teenager in her room. The bed dominates her small room, with its large plush pillows, complemented with posters of Justin Bieber hanging off the wall. But taking almost as much space is her large work station, that is worthy of computer nerds in their prime. I guess, ‘working from home’ really does work.

Billie Eilish Tour in Japan

Billie Eilish World Tour

Now, this young woman, still in her teens, equipped with 5 Grammys, composer of the next James Bond theme music, will embark on a massive tour in 2020, and it’s a special one.

Of course, she has toured before. In 2017, there was the Don’t Smile at Me Tour, when she visited a total of 11 locations in America. In 2018, there was the Where’s My Mind Tour, in which she visited a total of 26 locations, including cities and states of Europe and America. More of the same followed in 2019 – Europe, North America, and Mexico City.

But this year with “Where Do We Go?” World Tour, she will include Asia for the first time. Destinations include Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, and Jakarta, respectively.

Billie Eilish Tour In Japan, she will be performing on September 2nd (Wed), at the Yokohama Arena not far away from the center of Tokyo.

Tickets for Billie Eilish:

Of course, there will be hordes of crazy Japanese fans, who will be coloring their hair like hers (currently green). There will be plenty of cute and cuddly toys, gift cards and love letters right from the airport up to her hotel. And don’t forget the tears, lots of tears, as thousands of Japanese fans, will wait patiently and orderly to meet and greet their new idol with anticipation.

I am sure that of all the cities she will be visiting on her tour through Asia; Tokyo will make a lasting impression on her. Maybe inspire her to write new songs when she returns home, just like so many artists that visited Japan.

We at Hersey Shiga can’t wait to meet her in person and welcome her to Japan.

Short Bio

Let’s have a look at her comet-like rise in the big world of music:

Early Life

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’ Connell, simply known as Billie Eilish, was born December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is an actress and screenwriter Maggie Baird and her father is actor, Patrick O’ Connell. Both her parents were musicians, which gave  Eilish ample inspiration to foster her music and songwriting talent.

Eilih’s mother taught her children the basics of songwriting and encouraged Billie and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, to explore whatever they wanted, including making art and acting classes. At age four, Eilish wrote her own songs while her brother joined a band to develop his musical abilities.


In her room and on her own workstation, mixing pult,  Eilish recorded the song “Ocean Eyes” in 2015, which was written and produced by Finneas.

Together, they released it on, SoundCloud, an online platform for aspiring musicians. The song made an impact, gathering attention and praise from media outlets including radio stations and music supervisors.

With the deal arranged by Finneas, Apple Music signed Eilish to A&R company Platoon and got a publicist who connected her to a French fashion company, Chanel. She also found a  stylist to help shape her image. They shot the music video for “Ocean Eyes” and released it in March 2016.

By August of that same year, she l signed to The Darkroom, an imprint of Interscope Records and the song was re-released worldwide through the company. “Ocean Eyes” was certified platinum by RIAA in September 2018 and peaked at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May 2019.

Billie Eilish Top Song

Billie Eilish Singing

Afterward, Eilish released multiple singles and extended plays, which introduced her musical talent to the world. Eilish’s team worked with Spotify and promoted her on its most popular playlist, “Today’s Top Hits“. In September 2017, Apple Music announced Eilish as their Up Next Artist.

Eilish also released tracks “Bored” and “Lovely” which went platinum in the US. “Lovely” was also featured in season 1 and 2 of the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. She released two more singles after that and signed a modeling contract with Next Models. Her EP “Don’t Smile at Me” was released in July 2017 and reached 1 billion streams on Spotify in early January 2019, making her the youngest artist to top 1 billion streams on a project.

She released more singles that ranked high on Billboard Charts. But she would peak at number one in the US with her fifth single “Bad Guy.” It would make her the first artist born in the 2000s and the youngest since Lorde to have a number one single.

Awards Galore

Then came the awards. At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony held  Monday,Jan. 27, Eilish took home five awards,  including Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year for “Bad Guy.”

At 18, she became the youngest artist to win four major Grammy categories. . She’s the first female and youngest solo act to win the Album of the Year, a prestigious award. She also won two awards at American Music Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards and 1 NRJ Award. She also holds 2 Guinness World Records.

One could argue whether or not she deserved a Grammy for  Song of the Year  over  Lil Nas X for” Old Town Road.” Even she felt surprised. You could see her mumbling,  Please don’t let it be me!” before she got her fourth trophy.

Whatever the gods decided that day at the Grammy’s, like in professional boxing after a controversial decision, with passing time, only the results will be remembered.

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