30th Anniversary of City Partnership Berlin x Tokyo, Ambassador Clemens von Goetze welcomes Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner

Tuesday, May 14, Berlin and Tokyo marked the 30th anniversary of their city partnership in a vibrant celebration attended by distinguished guests and adorned with cultural exchanges.

The German Embassy in Tokyo hosted a cultural gala at the Ambassadors’ Residence, where select media representatives were treated to Japanese and German cultural performances.

Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner, along with a German delegation, including Cornelia Seibeld, Member of the Berlin House of Representatives and President of the CDU Parliamentary Group, joined the festivities in Tokyo.

Dr. Clemens von Goetze, the German Ambassador to Japan, welcomed Mayor Wegner to the Ambassador Residence in the heart of Hiroo, Tokyo. Following initial talks at the Ambassador’s residence, the Governing Mayor participated in a tour of the residence garden with a Taiko drum performance under a clear sky.

The poignant repertoire included original pieces honoring the recent earthquake victims in Northern Japan and advocating for global peace. In a surprising turn of events, Mayor Wegner showcased his talent for Taiko drumming, captivating the audience with his rhythm and flair.

Following the drum performance, the German delegation made their way to the Embassy outer wall, renowned for the Embassy’s cultural initiatives. They were greeted by TAPE THAT, a Berlin-based artist group renowned for their innovative use of masking tape, who were invited by the embassy for that special occasion. The group’s progress on the exterior wall of the German Embassy in Hiroo garnered admiration from Mayor Wegner.

Amidst his packed schedule, Mayor Wegner met with Tokyo Governor Koike to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the friendly city partnership. They signed a “Joint Communiqué,” reaffirming their commitment to exchange civil servants and further strengthen ties between Berlin and Tokyo.

A fulfilling day for Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner and his delegation, as they press on with their Tokyo tour, aiming to strengthen ties and nurture the flourishing relationship between these two dynamic cities.


Founded in 2011, TAPE THAT revolutionized the art scene with their unique approach of using adhesive materials to create captivating artworks on various surfaces. What started as a novel idea evolved into a global phenomenon, with the collective undertaking projects in over 40 countries. From traditional artworks to expansive room installations and facades, TAPE THAT continues to push artistic boundaries, inspiring audiences worldwide.

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