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A very special King’s Day Celebration

On November 14th, the Belgium Embassy in Tokyo celebrated King’s Day – or a celebration for Philippe of Belgium. Celebrated annually, it is not a national holiday, but most government offices close. It is also known as ‘Dynasty Day’, or the ‘King’s Feast.’

This year’s event, however, was special as guests were allocated time slots throughout the entire day to assure a safe environment for everyone. Belgium Ambassador to Japan Roxane de Bilderling: “We felt that we had a responsibility to our community as well as our supporters to go ahead with this year’s King’s Day Celebration. However, in light of the new circumstances, extra safety precautions were necessary.”

Belgium Ambassador to Japan Roxane de Bilderling
Belgium Ambassador to Japan Roxane de Bilderling giving a tour for guests

Having the day divided into several slots, however, meant extra work for the Ambassador as well as her entire Embassy team. Nevertheless, one could feel the pride and energy of all present as the Ambassador herself led guests through the embassy’s exhibition.

Fresh Belgium waffles
Fresh Belgium waffles

The official invitation promised the best of “Belgium’s flavors, attractions and diversity,” and guests were not disappointed. From delicious Belgium pralines to a modern art sculpture of Manneken Pis, plenty of Belgium’s joy and pride were on display. And don’t forget the food that was offered that day. Fresh waffles, original Pommes Frites with authentic Belgium mayonnaise, a selection of Belgium’s best beers, and much more.

One could argue that this wasn’t the most diet-friendly assortment for a person on a diet, but for one day, we can make an exception and there is always tomorrow, right?

We congratulation the Ambassador and her embassy staff for a very successful King’s Day Celebration.

For more information on Belgium in Japan visit: Belgium Embassy Tokyo

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