World Premiere of musical opera “A Way from Surrender” by Michiyoshi Inoue

An autobiographical opera written over the course of 10 years by world-famous conductor Michiyoshi Inoue, based on the life of his parents and his own roots during the turbulent times surrounding the Pacific War.

Erika Colon, who often co-stars with Michiyoshi Inoue, plays an important role here as well.

Erika Colon graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with an award for excellence after studying education at the University of the Sacred Heart. She made her Wigmore Hall debut the same year.

She devotes herself to the field of oratorio, performing as a soloist at the Mozart Festival (Brussels), the Sacred Music Festival (Florence), and the 150th Anniversary of Japan-British Diplomatic Relations Messiah (London).

Her representative song is “Hymn to Maria who suffered the atomic bombing”, which was composed by her father, Eric Colon, with a wish for peace.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, she has been involved in the establishment of El Sistema Japan, and has also been involved in the establishment of White Hand Co. Her Russ, teaching music to children with various disabilities, including deaf children. . She is currently the representative director of El Sistema Connect and the artistic director of White Hand Chorus and NIPPON. She is also the wife of the Venezuelan ambassador to Japan, Seiko Ishikawa.

Saturday, January 21, from 2:00 pm

Sumida Triphony Hall Performance: Musical Opera (opera style)

January 23 (Monday) from 7:00 pm

Suntory Hall Performance: Concert format

General Director (Conductor/Screenplay/Composition/Direction/Choreography) Michiyoshi Inoue

Taro (tenor): Kazuma Kudo

Justice (Baritone): Takaoki Onishi

Michiko (lyric soprano): Sara Kobayashi

Mami (soprano): Ena Miyaji

Emi (mezzo-soprano): Naoko Toriya

Pina (soprano): Erika Colon


  • Bird Voice 1 / Kumi (soprano): Ikufumi Nakagawa
  • Voice of the bird 2/Yuri (soprano): Sayuri Ota
  • Mrs. Consul (mezzo-soprano): Minori Hirumuta
  • Botero (mezzo-soprano): Koto Ashida
  • Voice of Paint / Fujiwara (tenor): Tomoya Saiki
  • Niki (tenor): Masachika Watanabe
  • Yamada (baritone): Manabu Imai
  • Nakamura (baritone): Hironori Takahashi
  • Guerrillo (baritone): Daichi Yamada
  • Seigiskan (bus): Hirokazu Nakata
  • Framed Voice (Bassoprofondo): Isamu Ishizuka
  • Shonen Taro: Ryota Motegi
  • US military relief team (dance): Yuri Serezen
  • Reading: Daisuke Oyama
  • 4-part under: Reina Fujii

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