Andre Koji in Tokyo

Andrew Koji – The New Storm Shadow

Our guest is a British actor of mixed-Japanese heritage, a martial artist and stuntman – Andrew Koji. Koji is known for TV shows like The Wrong Mans, Call the Midwife, and most recently the Cinemax action-drama, Warrior. He’s currently back in Tokyo for the GI Joe spin-off movie, Snake Eyes. He co-stars along with Henry Golding, Samara Weaving, and the rest of the production crew. Andrew Koji is set to play Storm Shadow, a ninja who must face off against his nemesis, Snake Eyes (Golding,) who is also his sword brother.
Koji says the new movie is more authentic in its cultural background story, its Japanese sword fights, its Ninja culture, and its locations than the previous episodes. The movie will premiere in October. In his free time, Koji explored his own roots. Half British, half Japanese, he had a chance to revisit his own cultural roots and family heritage in Japan while enjoying his favorite Japanese food and many interesting locations Japan has to offer.

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[00:50] Andrew talks about filming Snake Eyes in Japan
[03:05] His thoughts about his new movie and his role as Storm Shadow
[05:41] Andrew talks about his role as Ah Sahm in the TV series ‘Warrior’
[08:21] His life in England
[10:17] Talks about his life in Japan when he was younger
[11:20] Andrew talks about his plans for when he gets old
[12:28] Restaurants he likes in Japan
[13:40] Chats about the nightlife in Japan – LEX Tokyo and Taka Masuda
[15:20] Thoughts about coronavirus
[17:12] Talks on how he stays in shape while in Japan
[18:18] Speaks about martial arts, kung fu and karate

Interview Location: Park Hyatt Shinjuku – Restaurant Girandole

Andrew Koji - Snake Eyes - GI Joe
Snake Eyes – G.I Joe – Origin Story: To be released in October 2020


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