A Bouquet of Cultural Performances

The event, “A Bouquet of Cultural Performances,” was held at the Indian Embassy on November 20th to introduce Indian and Japanese culture.

India is known all over the world as a country with a profound culture, but surprisingly few Japanese have come into contact with the actual culture.

Mrs. Gunjan Verma, the spouse of H.E. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma, the Ambassador of India to Japan, who has a deep knowledge of art and culture, played a central role in introducing Indian weddings and folk dances.

Bouquet of Cultural Performances by Hersey Shiga

Among the program, the dance “Kalbelia” in Rajasthan, northern India, is known as a dance that imitates the movement of a snake. Many Japanese people saw it for the first time, and it was a valuable opportunity to experience Indian culture.

In addition, the performance on the Japanese side was thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Hiroko Kitazume and Mrs. Yukari Sunaga, spouses of ex. Japanese ambassadors, and Bon Odori Dance and Awa Odori Dance were performed.

Participants of the cultural event from India and Japan danced together and had a perfect time. Beyond the field of cultural exchange, India and Japan became one.

For more information visit: Embassy of India

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