Italian Embassy Charity Bazaar

Charity Bazaar at the Italian Embassy

Matelda Starace spouse of Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace and Hiroko Ohiwa hosted a Charity Bazaar at the Italian Embassy residence.

Hostess Matelda Starace (center) and Hiroko Ohiwa (center right)

Something that many people were looking forward to – a change of pace and helping others after a long ‘state of emergency.’ The bazaar with the support of Costco Japan and many donations by the Italian Embassy and the Italian community was a huge success. Guests were happy to browse the many offerings and popular Italian foods and the atmosphere was filled with positive energy and goodwill.

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Red wine and Barilla

Among the many guests were Ambassadors, their spouses, and supporter of the Italian community in Japan. Mrs. Starace and her volunteers made sure that all the guests felt comfortable and happy to buy goods for a good purpose.

We have to say, the surroundings and the weather for such a bazaar were just perfect. Wonderful weather conditions and an absolutely gorgeous garden in the center of Tokyo. You couldn’t help but open up your shopping bags, purses and catch up with some old friends.

Ambassador Melba Pria of Mexico and Ambassador Giorgio Starace of Italy

All proceeds will be donated to Saint Francis Children’s Home – Ota-ku Tokyo
and Sayuri Home Oita in Kyushu for children in need.

If you would like to donate or find out more information on these charities please contact the Italian Embassy.

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