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Gene & Naoko Krell: Footsteps in Silence

A special happening at Vogue’s celebration for Leslie Kee and Gene Krell.

Star photographer Leslie Kee invited us for a special exhibition featuring Vogue legend – Gene Krell. Together with his beautiful wife Naoko Inagaki Krell, he signed their new photo book “Footsteps in Silence” – a tour through contemporary Hong Kong. We genuinely enjoyed talking to him as he reflected on his life in Asia and the modern fashion industry.

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*All proceeds of this photo book go to charities:

Gene Krell is an American fashion entrepreneur, designer, and journalist. Krell is the international fashion director for the Japanese editions of Vogue and GQ, the creative director for the Korean editions of Vogue, Vogue Girl, and W, as well as a creative consultant to Allure and GQ Korea.

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