HermesFit Tokyo

HermèsFit Tokyo

The ongoing “Hermès Fit Tokyo” is a special event of Hermes that combines the iconic luxury brand for a fitness and health-oriented lifestyle.

With a creative flair, HermèsFit puts the luxury brand’s accessories in a new limelight. At a dedicated venue at Jing in the heart of Jingumae near the elite shopping area of Omotesando, guests can experience elegant exercises using Hermes’s representative scarf “Kare”, belts, hats, etc.

Special trainers and staff show guests around and even encourage them to do some of the exercises prepared for their audience. Bench press, heavy bag boxing or even wall climbing are on the menu.

On the official website, you can get inspired by exercise videos such as “Kare Yoga” and “Belt Stretch” devised for this event and online lessons are also being held.

The event is part of a special series held in Paris, London and Taipei in addition to Tokyo.

For more information visit: HermèsFit 東京

Opening:10/30(土) – 11/7(日)
Time: 11:00 – 21:00
Venue: jing

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