Ikebana flower arrangement

Ikebana International Fair 2022


Date: December 12(Mon)
Place:  Monday, December 12, 2022 11:30-15:30
ROYAL PARK HOTEL 3F (2F Reception)
2-1-1, Nihonbashi-Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3667-1111
Station : SUITENGUMAE (Hanzomon Line)
Entry Ticket :(with a raffle ticket for lottery included):  3,000 yen each
Available on the day at the venue (limited amount only)

Details and precautions of the event are as follows:

・ Ikebana Exhibition by Iemotos (Headmasters)
・ International Bazaar by Ambassadors’ Wives
・ Various Shops of Embassies, etc.
・ Handicrafts by Members
・ Raffle: Valuable prizes
・ Entertainment (Tunisian Music & Fashion Show)

Message from Mrs. Houda KALLEL ELLOUMI

I am honored and pleased to be the chairperson of Ikebana International Fair 2022. I really love ikebana and I am taking ikebana classes to spread more of this wonderful art in my country Tunisia and everywhere. Ikebana for me is more than arranging flowers beautifully. It is a kind of yoga to refresh our feelings and clean our minds.

In my humble opinion, flower arrangements represent cultural exchange especially through Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter and Ikebana International Fairs. Jasmine is the national flower of Tunisia.

Like Sakura for Japanese, Jasmine is much more than a flower for Tunisian people who love it because it symbolizes simplicity, serenity, purity and happiness. With its white color, Jasmine perfectly illustrates peace and I wish peace for all humankind in this challenging world. Jasmine flowers have many uses including making a delicious tea that many people love to drink and creating bouquets called machmum or leis. Jasmine also has wonderful practical purposes including making medicines. By distilling Jasmine, we can obtain the spiritual oils and aroma of the best perfumes.

Therefore, I invite all of you to visit Ikebana International Fair 2022 to enjoy the richness of all the fantastic Ikebana Exhibitions from different schools and the varieties of all the Embassies booths in order to support the people who are affected by natural disasters in Japan.

Spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia
I.I Fair 2022 Chairperson

For more information, visit IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2022

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