Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Ikumi Yoshimatsu – Role Model for Japanese Women

Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Our special guest is a well-known activist and former Miss International 2012 – Ikumi Yoshimatsu. We met her and her manager on the 52nd floor of the Andaz Hotel in the heart of Tokyo. Aside from her career as Miss International, she is known as an actress and stuntwoman in Hollywood. She’s currently back in Tokyo to shoot multiple episodes for a new Hollywood TV series and promote her youth education program: Global Student Diplomacy Network, or GSDN. She talked about her new movies and her career as a stuntwoman.

As the interview progressed, we dived into her passions and her endeavors as a women’s activist in Japan. She also introduced some helpful products in the fight of the coronavirus that can strengthen our immune system. A role model for many women in Japan, a person full of wisdom, the lovely, Ms. Ikumi Yoshimatsu.

00:24     Staying in Japan
01:07     Talks about her movie career
01:38     Talks about her new series
02:13     Talks on how she stays fit for her movies
02:41     Specialty on stunts – Nunchucks
03:45     Talks about her charity program for children
04:54     Talks about being a Women’s Rights Activist, and how she let her voice be heard as a victim of stalking and harassment
09:15     Talks about being the first Japanese woman to win Miss International
10:20     Talks about the differences between the USA and Japan
11:50     Thoughts about the #MeToo movement in Hollywood
13:36     Thoughts on what Japan needs to do to continue moving forward
15:20     Talks about staying safe from coronavirus
15:55     How to use Dental Spa Pro as one of the precautions to protect yourself from Corona Virus
18:40     What she misses about Japan, and what she recommends for visitors to Tokyo


Contact Info:

Youtube: Ikumi’s Voice
Instagram: @ikumiyoshimatsu

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