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Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards opens Japan Premiere “Bob Marley: ONE LOVE”

Tokyo, May 14th, 2024, in a vibrant celebration of music and culture, the Japan premiere event for the biographical film “Bob Marley: ONE LOVE” took center stage at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya. Jamaican Ambassador to Japan Shorna-Kay Richards gives opening speech and welcomes Jamaican stars to Japan.

The editors of The Hollywood Reporter Japan and Hersey Shiga Media had the honor to be invited to the opening screening of “Bob Marley: ONE LOVE,” courtesy of the Jamaican embassy in Japan.

The film pays homage to the legendary figure of Bob Marley, revered worldwide as the icon of reggae music. Drawing fans from across Japan and gathering ambassadors from diverse nations, the event buzzed with excitement as attendees eagerly awaited the screening.

Red Carpet for 'One Love' at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya: Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards giving the welcome speech
Red Carpet for ‘One Love’ at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya: Ambassador Shorna-Kay Richards giving the welcome speech

Ahead of the main event, distinguished guests graced the stage to share insights into the film’s essence and their affinity for Japan. Among the first to take the spotlight were Saki Takaoka and Shun Matsuo from Chocolate Planet, serving as Japan’s ambassadors for “Bob Marley: ONE LOVE.”

Following suit were director Reinaldo Marcus Green, lead actor Kingsley Ben-Adir portraying Bob Marley, and producer Ziggy Marley, the esteemed son of the reggae legend. Their arrival ignited a wave of applause, as the audience, brandishing the film’s poster flags distributed prior to the event, greeted the esteemed guests with resounding cheers.

Each guest took turns reflecting on the film’s premise and their personal encounters in Japan. Ben-Adir, freshly arrived on the morning of the event, shared anecdotes from his visit to the bustling fish market. Director Green, accompanied by his wife during his week-long stay, recounted his exploration of Kyoto and other cultural landmarks.

Culminating the pre-screening festivities, a collective photograph captured the camaraderie between the guests and the spirited audience. Responding to Matsuo’s invocation of “Bob Marley,” the crowd chorused “One Love!” with infectious enthusiasm, immortalizing the moment with radiant smiles.

Artwork: Courtesy of Paramount Films

As the eagerly anticipated screening of “Bob Marley: ONE LOVE” commenced, the venue resonated with warm applause, embraced by the soul-stirring melodies of Bob Marley, whose indelible impact on Jamaican history and music echoed through the ages. During the stirring end credits, some attendees rhythmically clapped along to the iconic beats of Marley’s anthems.

Following the screening, Shorna-Kay Richards, the Jamaican Ambassador to Japan, bid farewell to the departing audience with a radiant smile, infusing the atmosphere with an aura of joy and unity that reverberated throughout the venue.

“Bob Marley: ONE LOVE” will be released nationwide in Japan on May 17th.
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