Let’s Eat African food!

Introducing Senegalese cuisine “World Buzz Cooking”

Senegalese cuisine is introduced on Fuji TV’s YouTube program “World Buzz Cooking”.

The “thieboudienne” introduced here is a national dish of Senegal. It was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage last year. This is the menu of H.E. Mr. Gorgi Sith, Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal to Japan and his spouse, Émilie Seck, recommended the menu.

The cuisine of Middle Eastern African countries is not very familiar to Japanese people. However, when you try to eat it, it tastes very good and fits the taste of Japanese people. Because it is a hot country meal, it gives your body stamina. Isn’t it good to survive the hot summer in Japan?

Fuji TV’s YouTube program “World Buzz Cooking” will continue to introduce Senegalese cuisine three times. Please take a look.

Ladies’ Friendship Association for Africa and the Middle East (President: Nachiko Koike) is composed mainly of Japanese women who have stayed in Middle East Africa and the wife of a member of the Embassy of Middle East African countries. In addition to the well-established bazaars, cookbooks that convey the local taste as they are highly evaluated and very valuable.

Cookbooks can also be purchased from the following sites:

Ladies’ Friendship Association for Africa and the Middle East:
中近東アフリカ婦人会 (yamaboshi.com)

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