A Visit at Yamatane Museum

The wives of the ambassadors of Ecuador, Hungary and Iceland visited the Yamatane Museum of Art with the Japanese painting teacher, Suiko Ota.

They watched the Special exhibition commemorating the 55th anniversary of the opening of the museum, The Art of Okumura Togyū―A Master of Nihonga Whom Yamazaki Taneji Loved, Part 2.

The ambassadors’ wives receive a lesson on Japanese painting from Keika Ota every Friday, and they also have a wealth of knowledge about Japanese art.

They were very impressed by the works by Okumura Togyu, a representative painter of Japan. Especially, They were deeply moved ​”Daigo-Sakura”, a representative masterpiece of ​​Okumura Togyu and they sighed deeply.

Photo: From left, Charlotte Hung, Embassy of Hungary, Maria-Amparo Barberis, Embassy of Ecuador, Halldóra Málfríður Hermannsdóttir, Embassy of Iceland, Suiko Ota, the 4th generation of Ota Shutei, Tadaaki Tanaka, Advisor, Cosmo Co., Ltd.

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