l\lassy Hayashi, President of Hayashi Int'l Promotions; London's top n1uslcul producer IIarold Fielding and l\lasafuml Wat-anabe of TEMS Promotions

Bill Hersey’s Partyline, December 1986

I put off my trip to the Philippines for a few days thinking it would give me plenty of time to get things done at a somewhat leisurely pace before I take off the 22nd for the islands where I’ll spend Christmas and New Year. What a dreamer!

Here it is late afternoon the 19th and I’m typing this – due yesterday
morning – and still have a Hollywood Reporter column to write and Fax, an 800 kanji message for the concert program of superstar Izumi Yukimura
in March to be translated and typed. Plus gobs of kid’s clothes, toys and cash to
pick up from some very charitable people – such as Barbara Teraoka, Dr. Hans and
Chichan Plessner and Gloria Askew – that will go towards making a very happy holiday for a lot of kids in Manila.

Fashionable turnout for fabulous Cartier exhibition

Les Must de Cartier has earned the reputation of being and certainly is-one of the most prestigious lines of jewelry and accessories in the world. They not only maintain their always popular classic line, but have some of the world’s most creative designers corning up with new ideas all the time.

Consequently the showing of Cartier’s new jeweler collection recently held at the Okura Hotel, like all Cartier events, was well attended by both members of the Japanese and foreign community who always look for and insist on the best.
Special guests included French Ambassador Gilbert Perol, Hisanaga and Takako Shimazu (she’s the youngest daughter of HIM the Emperor) and Mario and Mathilde Maria Quagliotti of the Italian Embassy who had just come from a reception right across the hall in the Okura which Honda was was hosting in honor of Fiat’s
Agnelli. The Cartier affair was hosted by Bernard and Tamiko Cendron.

Noted Photographer Yuji Hayata celebrates 70th birthday

Celebrating Yuji san's birthday are producer Steve Parker, actress Mika Kitagawa, the guest of honor Yuji Hayata, Miki Hasegawa and Japan's best-known actor, Toshiro Mifune.
Celebrating Yuji san’s birthday are producer Steve Parker, actress Mika Kitagawa, the guest of honor Yuji Hayata, Miki Hasegawa and Japan’s best-known actor, Toshiro Mifune.

The December reception to help noted photographer Yuji Hayata celebrate his 70th birthday was a star-studded, glittering event that was perfect for the occasion. The large reception room which was packed with leaders in politics, education, fashion, music and the film world literally sparkled with magnificent floral tributes, ice carvings and a superb buffet.

lt was great for me as I ran into many friends from the fashion and entertainment world whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, and met some new interesting people as well. I especially appreciate Steve Parker introducing me to the legendary Hachiro Nakajima who makes those great sets for Kabuki and contemporary theater as well.

Congratulations are due to Steve as his (and Shirley MacLaine’s) actress daughter Sachi, who grew up here in Japan, will marry aspiring cinematographer Clyde
Smith on July 20th this year.

During the course of the evening, many guests took the mike and paid tribute to Hayata san, and slides were shown on one wall tracing his history in both fashion and celebrity photography. A late, but sincere happy birthday, Yuji, and many many more to come.


A look at the handsome cake in Lea Thompson’s honor, featuring tho logo from her latest film, “Howard the Duck,” currently playing in downtown Tokyo-Yokohama theaters. Above, right: Weekender’s Partyliner Bill Hersey is flanked by the most attractive Lea Thompson and her mother, Burhara. At right: member of the “Dreamgirls” , actor Yuki Watanabe, Barbara Thompson, Lea Thompson, Judy Ongg, martial arts performer Ken Kazama and another “Dreamgirls” performer, Evan Pappas.

The Broadway musical boom here in old Edo will continue to flourish in 1987. Over at the Capitol Tokyu recently there was a press conference to meet one of London’s top musical producers, Harold Fielding, and the two female stars Mandy Perryment (a former Askew model) and Danielle Carson of the London production of “Singin’ in the Rain” which opens here in April. The show which has been running at the London Palladium since 1983 broke all records there. The 74 people coming over from London to put on the show here includes Tommy Steele who starred in the London production and a cast of 35. TBS Television, TEMS Production, Hayashi international Promotions and Onward Kashiyama Fashion Company are the principle sponsors of the popular musical here.

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