Terrific trio meets at the Lex. Actor Dolph Lundgren ("Rocky IV"), Stephen Percy (lead vocalist with rockers RATT and 17-year-old star Charlie Sexton.

Bill Hersey’s Partyline, May 1986

Impossible as it seems, I was traveling almost a full month. I tell you, time does fly. My original plan was to spend four days at the Coca-Cola 100th anniversary celebration in Atlanta, about six days in New York and another six in Los Angeles before flying back here. Once I got to L.A., and that great weather, I got involved in happenings and stayed on…and on. It was fun, with highlights being able to spend some time with my brother, Chris, who lives in Beverly Hills and joining the staff of Hollywood Reporter magazine on Sunset Blvd. for “Hands Across America” May 26. Being away from Tokyo a month is a long time. I’m still going through my mail and it really is amazing the number of social, cultural, business and diplomatic events I had to miss.

I am sorry I wasn’t here for the performances and parties after of the Paris Opera Ballet. I have several good friends who are principals in that top ballet troupe, and would like to have seen Patrick Dupond dance “Salome” and Charles Jude dance Ravel’s “Bolero.” People there said it was pure theatrical magic. I also deeply regret missing the opportunity to meet Coretta Scott King. During her visit here U.S. Ambassador and Mrs. Mike Mansfield held a reception in her honor. While I was in Atlanta for the Coke party I did visit the house where that great American, Martin Luther King Jr., was born.

Also on the cultural scene, there were the SRO performances of the dynamic Ballet Antonio Lades from Spain and parties for that talented and colorful group, and the very busy Asami Maki Ballet. They presented their production of “Coppelia.” Featured dancers were Rika Nakanuma and Kyozo Mitami. The Embassy of Norway cooperated with Noriko Ohno on Kokusai Ikebana’s May charity show and luncheon. The theme was “Norway, Country of Beautiful Fiords.”

As always happens when I’m away on a trip, I’ll miss a great many interesting happenings in Tokyo. During the past few weeks, these included a reception given by Paraguayan Ambassador Juan Carlos A. Hrase von Bargen on May 14 to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the National Independence and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese im-migrants to Paraguay.

On May 12 at the Jewish Community Center, Israeli Ambassador and Mrs. Yaacov Cohen were hosts at a mid-day reception to celebrate the 38th Independence Day of Israel. Israeli Minister Moshe Arens, visiting Japan from Tel Aviv, was special guest that day. On the cultural scene, noted Noh actor Comas Hashioka gave a special performance May 13 at the National Theatre of Tokyo.

On May 30 South African Consul-General and Mrs. J.F. Wentzel hosted a reception at their lovely home on the occasion of their National Day. Speaking of South Africa, two of our dear friends, Peter and Jean Dignan, are in the process of moving there. Peter, former United International Pictures (UIP) home rep here, has a new assignment to head UIP’s office in South Africa. He’s there now and Jean will be joining him soon. They’re special people and we’re going to miss them. South Africa’s gain is certainly Tokyo’s loss.

On May 29 our French friends from L’Association des Francais du Japan held their annual dinner-ball in the Peacock West Room of the Imperial Hotel. Special guests included French Ambassador and Madame Gilbert Perol.

Fendi family celebrate their 60th anniversary

The fabulous Fendis were in town and showed their latest collection to the cream of Japanese and foreign society in a series of shows at the Imperial Hotel May 29. On the 30th, Italian Ambassador and Mrs. Bartolomeo Attolico hosted a reception to help the legendary Fendi family celebrate their 60th anniversary in the fashion business. Our sincerest congratulations.

I just received a super video of the Fendi show and party here in late May. That fabulous fashion family celebrates their 60th year in business in ’86. On a more personal level, fashion specialist Francoise Morechand just celebrated 20 years in the business and in early October actress singer Linda Yamamoto will celebrate 20 years in showbiz. 1987 looks busy as well.

Dolph Lundgren in Tokyo

United International Pictures (UIP) execs Peter Dignan and Shigertt Musha flank actor Dolph Lundgren at a press conference he gave.
United International Pictures (UIP) execs Peter Dignan and Shigertt Musha flank actor Dolph Lundgren at a press conference he gave.

Dolph Lundgren who plays Rocky’s opponent Drago in the film “Rocky 4” spent a week in Tokyo promoting that film which UIP opens June 7 in more than 200 theaters around Japan. Dolph is a likeable guy who “really enjoyed working with Stallone and is looking forward to his next film, “Master of the Universe.” Dolph will play the hero “He Man” in this film adaptation of the popular comic strip. There was little talk about Grace Jones who, according to all reports, is his steady squeeze, but I would venture to say she has influenced his fashion, mostly Kenzo, and pretty far out.

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