Bill Hersey’s Partyline June 2015


First, big and sincere congratulations to the Duke of Cambridge,  William, and his beautiful wife, Kate, on the birth of their daughter,  Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The U.K. continues to have so much to be proud of. 

Wedding dress designer Yumi Katsura, who has long been a shining star on the fashion scene here recently celebrated 50 years of fashion fame. You can always recognize the lady by the turban-style hat she wears. She’s also the owner of the huge white wedding cake-looking building at Nogizaka. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to her big 50th-anniversary party. I heard it was a glamorous glittering evening in every way. Congratulations Yumi—and many more years of success and fame. 

Lots more glamour in town when Katy Perry was here to do a  series of Creativeman sold-out concerts and for Taylor Swift to do the same for Kyodo Tokyo. More beauty as well with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr on the ramp for Reebok shoes. I’ve always been lucky with people and had the privilege of throwing parties for Katy and Miranda in Roppongi and met Taylor at the Ritz Carlton: I’m happy to report all three top stars just couldn’t be nicer.



We were all sad to see the popular diplomatic couple. After very busy years in Japan, he’s now posted in Brazil. In addition to the many sayonaras for them, the Japan-Greece Society held a sayonara concert by noted pianist Ryoji Akiyoshi and a buffet dinner at the French  Culture Center.  The concert was excellent, as was the tribute the crowd there made for the much loved departing couple. l really enjoyed the reception with its variety of people, which included longtime friend, ]apan’s top flamenco dancer Shoji Kojima and jazz pianist Keiko Borjesen. I saw the Oman Ambassadors’ wife  Abeer at Hiroo Segafrego this morning. and she told me she had just talked to Yasmine and she and the family were very happy in Rio.  Needless to say, we really miss them here. 


President Aquino sure knew what he was doing when he appointed Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez, their country’s Ambassador to  Japan. Manuel and his super wife, Maria Theresa—who’s one of our diplomatic corps’ most popular ladies—just never slow down. Since their posting here, they’ve had a full calendar promoting tourism,  their food, showbiz, art, fashion, furniture, jewelry, handicraft, and of course the Filipino smile. Recently they brought 14 furniture designers over for a Philippine design exhibition at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub. The Philippines is one of my favorite countries, and I also feel it’s one of the best gateways around.


My Indian friend Paul Rajesh who works with the Okura in setting up the many National Day parties there really works with the hotel staff in making each event colorful and special. He, the staff at the Bangladesh Embassy, and of course, the hotel’s hard-working staff, did a great job for Bangladesh Ambassador and Mrs. Masud Bin Momen when they held midday 44th Independence and National Day of their country in the hotel’s Akebono room. The exhibition of Bangladeshi products, especially the textiles and handicrafts, was really well done and the bountiful buffet of Bangladeshi favorite foods was really delicious.



I couldn’t stay long but was happy I dropped by Oakwood for their  Thursday wine night. Others there included several longtime friends, and the chance to meet several interesting people for the first time as well.


Hosted by Hideya Sadayasu, President, Imperial Hotel. The hotel’s annual buffet dinner reception for the media was, as always. a glittering evening in every way. I enjoyed surprising good friend Skip Cronin,  super PR guru for the hotel, by bringing Dewi Sukarno. She, as you can see from the photos, looked great and is always interesting. Other special guests included BALD GUY who flew in from Hawaii for the special event. 

*First published at the Tokyo Weekender

*Images Copyright: Tsukasa Shiga

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