Bill Hersey’s Partyline May 1982

The merry month of May and we should be getting some of the nicest weather of the Sunday is the 9th year. Mother’s Day. If you can’t be with your mom, call. Those considerate things that take so little time and effort mean so much. U.S. Armed Forces Day is on Saturday the 15th and Memorial Day, which falls on Sunday, the 30th, is observed There on Monday the 31st. aren’t any more National Days in Japan this month, but on the 15th, 16th and 17th we have the colourful Kanda Matsuri at Kanda Myojin Shrine and on the third Saturday and Sunday (the 15th and 16th) comes the always popular Sanja Matsuri of Asakusa Shrine.

Joan Shepherd’s birthday blast for hubby Masao Sen

Dancer-actress Katsuko Kanai  birthday guy Masao Gen and a beaming Joan Shepherd and Bill Hersey
Dancer-actress Katsuko Kanai (she Co- starred with Masao in his Koma the Gekijo show), birthday guy Masao san and a beaming Joan Shepherd

Joan Shepherd has got to be one of the most all-around terrific ladies I know. In addition to being married to one of the biggest names in Japan’s entertainment world, enka singer Sen Masao, she’s work- ed hard to become a super star herself…no easy task in Japan. One-woman shows, commercials, dinner shows, a TV series you name it, she’s done it and done it well. On top of all that, she stays the same warm, considerate lady and friend she’s always been. Joan is someone very very special to all who know her. Consequently, I jumped at the chance to work with her on planning and throwing a birth- day party for Masao’s 35th. The date was Apr. 8, the place, the Lexington Queen Disco in Roppongi.

Joan came in early with and tapes, records, slides posters and helped me and the club’s staff (who worked very hard) get started on the deco- rations. Masao, doing a show at the Shinjuku Koma Gekijo that evening, came over about 9 with many of the other show- biz personalities in the show

Dancer-actress Katsuko Kanai  birthday guy Masao Gen and a beaming Joan Shepherd

with him. By 10 the crowd had gathered and included Corky and Mary Alexander, Steve Parker and Miki Hasegawa, Dr. and Mrs. ken Matsuo, Chiye Hachisuka, Dolly Baker and Masao’s family. The media was there and after several interviews with the popular couple, there were champagne kampai and Masao blew out the candles (twice… once for TV and once for the weeklies). After a short show, most of the people there, including Masao who seldom stays on for a party (even his own), boogied right on into the next morning. Several showbiz personalities including actress Hattori Mako, actor Hiroyuki Watanabe and TV actor Hiroshi Tachi dropped by during the evening to say hello. It was a fun party with good people. Happy Birthday, Masao, and many more to come.

Lexington Celebrates ‘On the Road’

1981 Florida Citrus Queen, Brenda Ellen Eubanks. Bill Hersey, Asahina Maria
1981 Florida Citrus Queen, Brenda Ellen Eubanks. The local promotion office is run by a close friend, Emile Yamano

That evening at the Lexing- ton there was a party to cele- brate the super-successful film On the Road. In addition to the stars of the film-Hiroyuki Watanabe who plays a “CHiPs” type motorcycle policeman and Lisa Akikawa who plays a high-class call girl and Kumi Fukushima, the “nice girl”- the producers, directors, cam- eramen, stuntmen and distri- butors were there.

Guests were greeted by the Lexington staff…dressed in police uniforms. The program included Yuki singing the film’s theme song, flowers for Lisa and personal friends of the Atassis.

Opening Party of Za Makeup

In Roppongi I attended the opening party of Za Makeup, a light, bright and unique addition to that area’s busy and bustling night scene. The restaurant- disco is the latest in business tycoon Shozo Tanimoto’s popular chain of play spots in To- kyo, Sendai and soon Osaka.

Za Makeup’s interior is white and pastel colors and they have a beauty room on the premises with a hair stylist on duty. You can order your choice of 2,000 cocktails from an IBM computer. They have 300 brands of tea and the menu features salads, pastas and cakes. Many of the items are available for take out.

Prominent in the crowd that evening were fashion per- sonality Francoise Morechand, actress Asahina Maria and pro tennis players from the U.S. and Australia, in town for the John Player Tournament.

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