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Bill Hersey’s Partyline September 1982 – President Nixon and the Hulk in Tokyo

It’s been a strange week. I think I’ll blame it on the heat. First, somebody ripped off my camera and that’s very unusual. Then there was a call from the Tokyo District Prosecutor. It seems I didn’t pay a parking violation somewhere in Nakano-ku a few years ago. The car battery gave out last and a few other things happened lately that would take too long to explain and go into here.

Kinda inconvenient, but no tragedies and like most of us, I am pretty fortunate and have a lot to be thankful for. The biggest loss was the film in the camera. There were photos of a great bash Southern Pacific Hotels hosted for the travel trade, a beautiful buffet at the Pakistan Embassy, a fun get-together at Dave and Virginia Jones’ and pits of people passing through. including Nick and Adele Bon Saba and Pink Floyd’s producer James Guthrie. I really am sorry about that . . . So let’s go over the highlights of September.

Mansfield’s party for daughter Anne

Rick and Lynn Takemoto, host Ambassador Mike Mansfield, Pamela Mori, Michiko Sato (granddaughter of former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato) and Pam's brother-In-law Kei Mori.
Rick and Lynn Takemoto, host Ambassador Mike Mansfield, Pamela Mori, Michiko Sato (granddaughter of former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato) and Pam’s brother-In-law Kei Mori.

.Anne Manic, daughter of US. Ambassador Mike and Maureen Mansfield, and her nine-year-old daughter Caroline were here from London for several weeks and during her stay, the Mansfields had a marvelous get-together for Anne to see her friends made during past visits to Tokyo. And of course, during the party she met a number of new and interesting people. too. It was a casual relaxed evening at Mike’s and Maureen’s home and the guests included well-known faces from the business, fashion, arts and entertainment worlds.

Akio Morita, chairman of Sony, was there with his wife Yoshiko, their son Masao and their daughter Naoko, home for school holidays. I told Akio I really enjoyed his interview in the U.S. Playboy and he replied. “Well, I guess I’m not like the typical Japanese: I say it the way I see it.” Like Morita san — and her parents. incidentally — Anne Marris is a very confident, straightforward person who really impresses everyone she meets with her honesty and forthright sense of humor.

Joan Shepherd — looking great as always — was wearing an Issey Miyake creation . . and that made Issey — also in attendance — very proud. Kabuki actor Kankuro Nakamura told me he really enjoyed his recent trip to the U.S. and was quite surprised at how interested so many Americans were in this uniquely Japanese dramatic form.

Anne Marris, the Mansfields' daughter visiting from London; Maureen Mansfield; Anne's daughter Caroline; Mr. Nixon, and Mr. Mansfield.
Anne Marris, the Mansfields’ daughter visiting from London; Maureen Mansfield; Anne’s daughter Caroline; Mr. Nixon, and Mr. Mansfield.

U.S.  Ambassador and Mrs. Mike  Mansfield held a reception in  honor for former US President Richard  M. Nixon. President Nixon stopped over in Tokyo for a  few days on his way to China  where he was invited for the  ten-year celebration of the  establishment of better relations  between China and the U.S.,  one of the highlights of his  term in office. 

I’ve always been lucky with  people, and my luck was with  me that evening. I took Kai Yin Lo with me to the party,  and the way it turned out Mr.  Nixon was a very good friend  of her uncle and remembered  her from when he was in Hong  Kong several years back. I  really try to avoid monopolizing the guest of honor at any  party, as I know everyone  there would like to meet and  talk with them too. Fortunately the number of guests were  limited that evening, and even with Nixon spending considerable time with Kai-Yin, there  was also time for all the other  guests to talk to him as well. 

He’s very well informed and  very articulate in answering  questions. Contrary to what I had read  and heard (which is often the  case), I also found him very  congenial. ln answer to one  man’s man’s question regarding investment in China, he said: “People  shouldn’t go in there to invest;  if they think they’re going to  make some fast bucks. Investment is only worthwhile if you  think in terms of fifteen to  twenty years.”  

Ambassador Mansfield had got Nixon’s permission for me to take photos, and I can’t re member being so much in demand… everyone wanted their  photo with the man, and he  graciously obliged.  Guests there included Tokyo’s Governor Shunichi Suzuki  who I always enjoy talking to.  Anne Marris brought her daughter Caroline down and she’s really grown in the last  few years. I got to know Caroline pretty well a few years  ago when I took Olivia Hussey and Dino Martin’s son Alex, who’s just a little younger,  over to the Embassy to spend  the day with her.

Sayonara for Cuban First Secretary

Above: Cuban Ambassador Jose A. Guerra Menchero, Japan's all-time baseball great Shigeo Nagashima and the guest of honor Eduardo H. Gispert.
Above: Cuban Ambassador Jose A. Guerra Menchero, Japan’s all-time baseball great Shigeo Nagashima and the guest of honor Eduardo H. Gispert.

I attended a special sayonara event given by Cuban Ambassador Jose A. Guerra Menchero to say adios to Eduardo H. Gispert, First Secretary, Political Affairs and head of the Chancery who is leaving for a new assignment in Cuba after four and a half years here. Guests included counsellors from many of the embassies and leaders in the Japanese business world. Former Giants baseball star Shigeo Nagashima was a special guest and was the center of attention as both government and business execs gathered around to get auto- graphs “for their sons or daughters.” I wish I hadn’t eaten so much at the American Club. The buffet of Cuban foods looked delicious. Eduardo has left by now, and I’d also like to wish him my best.

The Hulk at Lexington Queen

Hulk Hogan having a few drinks at Lex Tokyo
Hulk Hogan having a few drinks at Lexington Queen.

“Whattya mean, no more drinks!” That’s pro wrestling great, the mighty Hulk Hogan, jokingly intimidating Lexington Queen bartender Hirao Watanabe. You sa Hulk mistreating Sly Stallone in Rocky III. Monstro human being!

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