Celebrating The 201st Year of Peru’s Independence


On July 28th, Peru commemorates its 201st Independence Anniversary. It is a opportune moment to celebrate and reflect. A nation born in the midst of the independence struggle, the Peruvian people coined, as the motto of the nascent republic, Firme y Feliz por la Unión¨, (“Steady and Blessed for the Union”), thus conveying its desire for justice and progress for its sons.

This radical ambition did not fall into oblivion. Successive generations of Peruvians understood it as their mission and, paraphrasing the Peruvian historian Jorge Basadre, have actively searched to realize the yearning of making Peru a bounteous home for its people.

On its 201st Anniversary, Peru faces the world as a stable democracy, with full observance of human rights, as an emerging economy, socially inclusive and committed to the promotion of free trade, foreign investment promotion and sustainable development.

Cradle of the Andean Civilization, Peru has also inherited significant migration flows which were generously embraced into its society. A prime example of this is the Peruvian nikkei community, the second largest in Latin America, which has contributed major figures in Peru´s literature and visual arts.

Our country supports the strengthening of the multilateral system and views the rules-based international order as well as the strict abidance of the international law, as core principles that should guide the relations among States. From this perspective, Peru aims to achieve increasing levels of development for the benefit of its people. To that effect, we maintain active participation in several fora, and, in the case of the Asia-Pacific, Peru is a member of APEC – whose Presidency will occupy for the third time, in 2024 -, the Pacific Alliance and the CPTPP. We have also signed 22 Free Trade Agreements, including notably the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Japan, as well as the ones with China, the United States and the European Union. For the same purpose, Peru is currently working towards its accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE).

In 2023, Peru and Japan will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. This common friendship that has reached the level of Strategic Association (2016). In this context both countries have signed the Investment Promotion Agreement, which is currently part of the EPA, as well as the Convention for the Elimination of Double Taxation. 

The path of the Peruvian-Japanese friendship is marked by fortunate convergences that, in spite of the geographic distance, will continue deepening. Peru is a reliable partner, whose economy shows abundant opportunities for business generation in the agricultural field, traditional mining, infrastructure sector as well as rare earth materials, among many areas of common interest.

For this reason, on this 28th of July, on behalf of the Government of Peru I gladly invite the people of Japan to celebrate with us our National Day. 

Viva el Perú! Long Live Japan! Firme y Feliz por la Unión!

Tokio, July 28th 2022

H.E. Mr. César Rodrigo LANDA ARROYO, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Peru

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