International Woman’s Day Special Exhibition

A painting exhibition commemorating International Woman’s Day will be held in Tokyo “Colors, Ink & Fri­end”

The exhibition on Saturday 15th was a great success. All painters showcased their paintings under the guidance of fellow artist María Liz Aquino. The vibrant colors, the different styles really depicted the emotions and personalities of each artist. One of the leading themes was nature and of course their home country as they remember them. Several Latin-American Ambassadors paid their respect and paid tribute to their spouse’s important work for the community and their duties as cultural ambassadors. Please enjoy some of the photos we took for you:

About the Artists

We are a group of Latin American ladies who regularly meet under the tutoring of Maria Liz Sensei. Our motivation from the beginning was to use creativity in art as a counterpart to the special times we are presently living.

Our works mingle different techniques and materials freely such as acrylic, pastel, pencil, Japanese sumi, applied over surfaces as canvas, papers, cardboard, washi paper, or as combined materials in collage formats.

The results are very diverse, going from lively colorful works to peaceful monochrome ones. They reflect the different backgrounds, learnings and influences received by each one of us.

The Artists:

María Liz Aquino
María Amparo Avilés
Clara Nakazato
Carolina Barberis
Maria Fernanda Lochschmidt


Date: Saturday, March 5th 2022
Time:11h30 – 18h00
Place: Shinmei Ikiiki Plaza
1 Chome-6-7 Hamamatsucho, Minato City, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3436-2500, Embassy of Ecuador

With the support of the Embassy of Ecuador in Japan and the collaboration of Minato-Ku Shinmei Iki Iki Plaza.

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