Shangri-la Tokyo : Spicy & Frozen Limited menu

Shangri-La Tokyo, one of Tokyo’s leading luxury hotels, offers a limited menu of Asian spicy dishes, cold tagliolini lunch courses, lava stone grill brunch, and more to get a chill and stamina charge. It will be available from the 1st June, 2022

Shangri-la Tokyo: Spicy&Frozen menu by Hersey Shiga
Curry Laksa/Cold Laksa:Shangri-La Tokyo

■Asian Spicy Dishes

Introducing the spicy menu that you can enjoy at “The Lobby Lounge”.

<Curry Laksa/ Cold Laksa>

Early summer when you want to eat spicy food. Shangri-La Tokyo offers two types of Laksa. Cold laksa, which is easy to eat through even in the hot season when appetite tends to decrease. And original Curry Laksa, which is a full-fledged hot soup. The texture of shrimp and scallop seafood is appetizing.

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 7:00~18:00
Price:¥2,750 (Tax included, service charge not included)

<Seafood Red Curry/Chicken green Curry/Beef Vegetable Curry>

In addition to seafood red curry and chicken green curry, beef vegetable curry is available only in the summer. Green curry with a mild taste of coconut milk and red curry with depth and complexity using red pepper can be enjoyed with fragrant jasmine rice. Authentic curry with beef and vegetable flavors is served with Koshihikari rice from Niigata prefecture. The three lineups can be enjoyed by both those who love spicy food and those who don’t.

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 7:00~18:00
Price:¥3,080(Tax included, service charge not included)

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The Lobby Lounge Shangri-la Tokyo
Tel : 03-6739-7877

Shangri-la Tokyo: Spicy&Frozen menu by Hersey Shiga
Three choices of curry with rice:Shangri-La Tokyo

Next, we will introduce a limited summer menu that you can enjoy during lunch, brunch, and dinner time at the finest Italian restaurant, “Piacere”.

<Lava Grill Brunch>

This summer’s brunch is grilled main meat and seafood with lava stones. Grills made of lava stone are roasted at high temperatures, it gives a nice smoky flavor and grills juicy inside. A brunch course menu with appetizers, soup and pasta or risotto, and choose your favorite from lamb, Japanese beef, lobster, pork, chicken, sea bass and tuna. A summer-only course menu that will satisfy you when you want to enjoy lunch with your family and loved ones.

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 11:30~15:00

Price : ¥7,480~(Tax included, service charge not included)

<Lunch course with 3 Cold Tagliolini of your choice>

The Piacere offers cold tagliolini with a refreshing texture for the summer lunch course. Choose your favorite pasta from three types of pasta: seafood such as sweet shrimp and mussels in tomato and basil sauce, fresh cheese, peach tagliolini with an exquisite combination of palma ham and peach, and bolognese with plenty of parmesan.

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 11:30~15:00

Price : ¥6,050~(for 1 person course/Tax included, service charge not included)

Courses:Piccolo ( 3 course ) ¥6,050

    Mezzo ( 3 course ) ¥7,150

     Grande ( 4 course ) ¥8,690

<Yokohama beef :Mushroom, Kinome and Wasabi Leaf Purée, Herb Bouquet>

The ranch in a residential area in the city raised about 400 dairy cows and beef cattle while gaining the understanding of local residents, such as accepting tours from elementary schools, and received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in 2022. The home-made feed makes it a high-quality Japanese black beef with a pleasant flavor and sweetness. For garnishing, Shangri-La Tokyo created a new dish as an à la carte with the same ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, Wasabi leaves, and herbs produced in the area where the chef was born and raised, and named it “Yokohama beef :Mushroom, Kinome and Wasabi Leaf Purée, Herb Bouquet“. 

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 Lunch:11:30~15:00 Dinner:18:00~21:00

Price : ¥11,000~(Tax included, service charge not included)

Shangri-la Tokyo: Spicy&Frozen menu by Hersey Shiga
Nougat Glasse:Shangri-La Tokyo

Lastly, We would like to introduce you to this Nougat Glasse, which is fun to see at the end of the dinner course.

<Nougat Glasse>

Nougat glasse, which is made by instantly solidifying meringue, nuts, peaches, and raspberries with liquid nitrogen, is covered with steam like dry ice, and while observing how the solidified rose-colored sweets are finished, its rich taste. Can be enjoyed.

Available time : 2022/6/1~8/31 18:00~21:00

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Tel : 03-6739-7898


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