NOH+FASHION Co-starring Junko Koshino and Kiyokazu Kanze

A comprehensive art stage where “tradition and modernity” are fused by co-starring Junko Koshino, and Kiyokazu Kanze, for the the 26th Kanze Soke, held at the Kanze Noh Theater in GINZA SIX on November 9, 2020.

The first part comprised a fashion show that expresses the aesthetic sense of Japan by “Fujin and Raijin” by Kanze Noh performer Michiharu Bunbayashi and Junko Koshino. The dazzling show at the Kanze Noh Theater displayed a fashion show that with deep aspect of the world view of Noh theater. Walking with the quiet sliding feet of the fashion models, which is reminiscent of Noh’s work, createed a unique world view to the sound of the musical Noh performance. At the end of the show, Mr. Saburota Kanze made a special appearance. A spider’s thread was released with a powerful dance.

In the second part, Mr. Kiyokazu Kanze, the 26th Kanze Soke, performed the Noh stage “Momijigari Oni-Zen” with a shite (leading role) costume designed by Junko Koshino and a mountain of autumn leaves. The fabric of the demon costume that artist wore uses a special fabric woven in Hosoo, Kyoto, and expresses the fear of demons with a profound view of the world today.

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Images copyright: Junko Koshino

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