Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

Jamaican Winning beans

Good luck in a cup: “Winning beans” that are not defeated by nature’s challenges.
On August 6, 2022, Jamaica will celebrate its 60th year of independence from the United Kingdom. When the name “Jamaica” comes up, the Japanese always remember reggae, Usain Bolt and of course, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The Jamaican Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Ms. Shorna-Kay M. Richards, celebrated Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day while holding a coffee event for the media to showcase the attractions of Jamaica’s tourism, food and culture.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Day

Jamaican Winning beans Blue Mountain Coffee by Hersey Shiga
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Day at the Jamaican Embassy in Tokyo

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day is an important part of an unforgettable history for Japanese coffee professionals. On January 9, 1967, the largest amount of coffee ever shipped at once, was sent from the port of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, to Japan. In commemoration of this, it is said that this day was designated as “Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day’” by the Association of Japanese Importers of Jamaican Coffee” (AJIJC).

The three colors on the Jamaican flag are black, green, and gold. Each has its own meaning: gold represents the country’s sunshine and vibrancy, green represents Jamaica’s land blessed with natural resources, and black represents the powerful, strong, and creative people who came out of slavery, confronting many difficulties and challenges.

Jamaican Winning beans Blue Mountain Coffee by Hersey Shiga
H.E. Ms. Shorna-Kay M. Richards in a beautiful long-sleeve kimono

Ambassador Richards appeared in a beautiful long-sleeved Furisode Kimono that incorporates these three colors, which received sincere admiration from the audience. Her appearance in a Kimono also reflects her friendship and passion for Japan as well as her gratitude to the people who gathered at this event.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the world’s finest coffees with a balanced smoothness and wonderful aroma. Its production area is limited to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and it is cultivated and harvested by hand under controlled temperature conditions. In addition, these production areas are often exposed to severe natural disasters such as hurricanes. After harvesting, they undergo strict quality inspections before being shipped.

Jamaican Winning beans Blue Mountain Coffee by Hersey Shiga
Freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee by a professional coffee master

Hence, people praise them as “winning beans that have overcome the challenges.” Now that the world is in a harsh state with COVID-19, I would love to enjoy a peaceful moment out of everyday life, savoring “winning beans.”

For a long time, Jamaica was a distant country. The smile of the ambassador in a beautiful Kimono and the delicious coffee made me forget the distance and gain deep friendship and peace. The day is coming soon when Ambassador Richards’ wish, “May Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee become a part of Japanese life,” will come true.

by Hiroko M. Ohiwa

For more information visit: Jamaican Embassy in Japan

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