The movie "Botero" by Hersey Shiga

Let’s go to see the Movie! BETORO

Botero’s name is arguably the most famous artist in the world. Botero is the best contemporary artist born in Colombia and is also known as Picasso in Latin America. 

The movie "Botero" by Hersey Shiga
Let’s go see “BOTERO “!

The movie “Botero”, which approaches the life of Fernando Botero, an artist who is extremely well known in Japan, is currently being screened. 

This movie is very moving and feels the weight of truth. 

The greatest feature of Botero’s work is its plumpness. Everything is plump, natural and rustic. Why did he make everything plump? Through this film, people explore Botero’s life as a painter and the background behind his style of “boterism.” 

Botero’s life was not as rich and plump and humorous as it appears in his work. Born in a poor family, he struggled, loved people, lost love, and got stuck in art. He lost his little son in a car accident, and he also lost part of his right hand in the accident. A serious injury to the right hand is fatal to an artist. 

Overcoming such hardships, Botero came to “his current style as a result of pursuing the beauty and sensuality of the object to be drawn.” 

Botero’s love for his home country, Colombian, is very strong. In the most striking episode of the film, Botero donated a bronze statue of the “Pigeon,” which is also a symbol of peace, to Medellín, Colombia, and was exhibited in the park. However, terrorists set a bomb on Botero’s work. It was a catastrophe that left many dead and injured, and of course Botero’s work was blown up. Botero hoped that his work, which was destroyed to the extent of his pity, are exhibited as it is. And next to that, he exhibited a new “Pigeon”. 

Also, when Botero grew up, his hometown of Medellín had no art galleries or museums. Later, Botero listens to the mayor of Medellin’s wishes and helped build the museum. Botero donated many works by him and the private collection of masterpieces he had bought. In addition, Botero, who heard the mayor’s soliloquy saying, “Oh, if there was even one piece of Monet’s work here,” adds Monet’s work for the citizens and for the people of Colombia. 

Once a dangerous city, Medellín has now been transformed into a beautiful and peaceful city by the efforts of these people. 

Botero now lives in Monaco, but he is proud to be a Colombian at all times. And he always wishes to be “just a painter” and always heads for his work with a new feeling. 

We hope everyone, not just art lovers, to see this movie. We, all will definitely love Botero and Colombia, the beautiful and wonderful country! 

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