Charity Concert Raises Funds for Earthquake-Stricken Town

Music filled the halls of the Belgium Embassy on Thursday as guests gathered for a special Charity Concert organized by Ambassador Antoine Evrard, the event featured a captivating performance by violinists Liesbeth Baelus and Yorrick Troman, known as Orbit Musicians.

Inspiredby the devastating earthquake that struck the Noto Peninsula on January 1st, 2024, the embassy initiated this concert to support the reconstruction project of Machino (Wajima), a town severely impacted by the disaster.

Ambassador Antoine Evrard welcome the guests at the Belgium embassy.
Ambassador Antoine Evrard welcomes the guests at the Belgium embassy in Tokyo.

Before the concert, Ambassador Evrard delivered a heartfelt welcome speech, followed by a presentation showcasing the extent of the destruction in Machino. The powerful images left an imprint on the audience, fostering a sense of solidarity and compassion.

The musical journey commenced with Orbit musicians taking center stage. Their dynamic duo brought to life works by Vivaldi, Mozart, and Elgar, captivating the audience with their unique interpretations for two violins. As a special guest, the duo presented their daughter, who charmed the audience with two pieces performed on a miniature violin.

 Liesbeth Baelus and Yorrick Troman, known as Orbit
Liesbeth Baelus and Yorrick Troman, known as Orbit

In addition to the inspiring performance, the event featured a cocktail reception and a raffle to raise funds for the affected region. Generous donations from guests and sponsors contributed significantly to the cause. While the raffle commenced traditional Belgium food and drinks were served with famed Belgium fries and bier being very popular with guests.

The Embassy of Belgium expressed its gratitude for the overwhelming support, emphasizing that the funds raised will directly impact the reconstruction efforts in Machino.

The Charity Concert not only showcased the transformative power of music but also underscored the importance of global compassion and support in the face of adversity. It was a wonderful event that served an important cause and strengthened Japanese-Belgium friendship.

The embassy of Belgium was pleased to inform us that they were able to raise 738.500 JPY for the town of Machino in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. Congratulations to the embassy and the many volunteers.

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