Kengo Kuma and HIH Princess Takamado

Rubik’s Cube Inspiration with Kengo Kuma

Various well-known Japanese artists collaborated at the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famous Rubik’s Cube, invented by the late Hungarian architect, Erno Rubik.

The said event, which was held at the Aoyama Treehouse Hall in Aoyama, Tokyo, showcased several impressive artworks inspired by Erno Rubik’s Cube.

Kengo Kuma
Kengo Kuma overseeing his work with HIH Princess Takamado

One of the lead-artists who participated includes star-architect Kengo Kuma, the architect of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium and the one responsible for the design of the National Stadium of Japan. His contribution to the celebration is a piece of rotating furniture resembling the looks of a Rubik’s Cube, which wowed a lot of guests and was considered as one of the event’s highlights.

Koyama Susumu, a renowned patisserie in Japan, used her skills and techniques in pastry arts by recreating the Cube with the use of white chocolate.

Famous ceramic artist Ohi Toshio, backed with three hundred and fifty years old of tradition, was able to reproduce the Cube’s colors into his pottery.

Even the popular origami artist Jo Nakashima took part in the celebration by making a magnetic origami Rubik’s cube. Famous light artist Motoko Ishii, popular contemporary dancer Karin Kato, Tokyo’s Bar owner Ben Fiddich, and other exquisite artists contributed a piece of their talent in this remarkable project through the initiative of the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo.

Norbert Palanovics, the Ambassador of Hungary in Japan
Norbert Palanovics, the Ambassador of Hungary in Japan surrounded by artists

Norbert Palanovics, the Ambassador of Hungary in Japan, said that the event was the introduction of the ‘Rubik’s Cube Inspiration Project’.

“The result is a fantastic collection of pieces of different works, from ceramics to calligraphy, from contemporary dance to furniture,” ambassador Palanovics said.

HIH Princess Takamado
HIH Princess Takamado admiring a work of art.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, who was also present at the event, was also impressed with the Rubik’s Cube exhibition, and even mentioned how the cube has connected us all because of its global popularity.

With special Rubik’s Cube inspired cocktails and delicious finger-food, all guests welcomed the atmosphere and the well-organized exhibition.

food and drinks at Treehouse Aoyama
Food and drinks served at the exhibition

Starting on November 25 up to February 2021, the exhibits will be on display at the Hungarian Cultural Institute. After the exhibition, the unique works will be auctioned off, wherein the profits will then be used for charitable purposes.

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